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The RummiKub Game

It is a game of cards usually called Rummy by people and somewhere RummiKub. Rummy used to be one of the highly popular and well known games of cards in the world. Canasata and Gin Rummy both became national craze among the middle class during mid 20th century. Its popularity is because of it needed only 2 persons to play the game and also due to its simplicity and ease of carrying the required card everywhere. Large numbers of cards are used in the game. The game has many variations and this also has helped this game to be so popular.

Standard 52 card pack is used in the game of Gin. Rank of the cards is A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K from lowest to highest score. Aces are of lowest score. Ace has 1 point, face cards K, J, Q have 10 points each and number cards have their respective values as scores.The aim is to score more points in the team compared to the opponent. Main skill is to better one’s hand by making melds by cutting deadwood.

Melds, generally, are of two types in RummiKub which are given as follows:

  • Those cards which have the same rank and are from the sets of 3 or 4 cards like QQQQ

  • Runs of 3 or more than 3 numbers of cards in the series of 1 suit.

The cards which are not in any meld are called deadwood. Deadwood count of the player would be sum of the points of the deadwood cards. One point is for ace and 10 points are for face cards. This is according to the numerical values of the cards.

The Deal
Firstly, a dealer is chosen first and the players take the role of dealer one by one so that every player gets the chance to be a dealer. Depending upon the number of player the dealer distributes the cards in following manner:
Two players- 10 cards each
Three players- 7 cards each
Four players- 6 cards each
Two players’ game in RummiKub: Every player deals with 10 cards at one given time. 21st card is turned face up to begin with the discard pile and the remaining cards of the deck are put with face down beside it so as to form a stock. The players sort their cards after looking at it.

On each turn, a player acts in following ways:
o He either draws on card from the stockpile or from the top of the cards from the discard pile.

  • He has to discard one of his cards to the stockpile.
  • Depending upon the combination of cards he has he can “knock” that would bring the game to end.

The players try to maximize similar cards in their stock so that they can make melds. In a two player’s game, a player can have two melds. In the game involving more than two players, there can be only one meld for each player as the number of cards is either 6 or 7 for 4 players’ or 3 players’ game respectively.

Knocking in RummiKub is a process which tells who is the winner of the game. While the players are in the game, a player may knock in following conditions:

  • If he has at least one meld
  • ten or less deadwood counts

The player, who is knocking, has to show his meld(s) and the deadwood counts. This is verified by other players and if the players agree they decide that the player who has called for knocking has won and the game is over. Then the players may decide to embark on another game if all the players agree to it.
Avoiding Disputes

The players have to obey the rules of the game RummiKub while playing. While the dealer is dealing the cards the cards are distributed in face down position so as to maintain secrecy of the cards. After card dealing has been done and the game is in play, the players keep their cards in a position so that the other players do not see the cards so that their strategy is not exposed to other players.

Generally the game is played in right spirit and players follow the rules. But, punishment for breach of code of conduct is also observed so that to maintain professionalism
All said and done, this is a game which depends upon luck but players can turn the tides with proper strategy and this makes the game very interesting and it has become a very popular time pass both for masses and the classes. It also attracts ladies and young children who try their luck and hone their skills in this game. The game has gone through much experimentation and thus has produced many variations.


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